Tim Doherty

Tim Doherty
Tim Doherty
Senior Lecturer of Chemistry
Center for Learning Innovation
UMN Rochester

A Pragmatic Approach to using Generative AI in Writing Lab Reports

Project Overview

For my generative AI project, I will develop a pragmatic approach for designing assignments for students to learn how to use generative AI in a responsible and reasonable manner in the context of science labs.  I plan to meet three outcomes:

  1. develop an assignment and assessment format to guide students in how to use AI in a way that enhances their skills and potential while increasing equity in science writing in the U of M Rochester’s diverse student body.
  2. develop a framework for developing science writing using generative AI early in the college curriculum.  The intention of developing this general AI format would be to share with other faculty so that they can see the positive aspects of the technology applied.
  3. provide a blueprint for how to guide learners in using generative AI tools. The overall goal is to allow teachers to see generative AI as not something to be afraid of, but instead as a conduit for increasing equity, student learning and efficiency.