Test Banks and Academic Honesty Considerations

Instructors who make use of test bank questions from a textbook or other online teacher resource source will find that the questions can be easily found by students, whether they are seeking study/tutorial support or engaging in contract cheating schemes before or during an exam.

As an alternative to published or otherwise circulating test banks, as instructors we can create our own test banks within Canvas. While such a test bank will not ensure that academic honesty will be practiced by all students, linking test questions to what your students are studying, to how your present concepts, and to the local context where content can be applied will help promote academic honesty in at least two important ways: students will need to draw on your presentations and course materials to provide answers, and students will appreciate that you’ve created questions that are directly relevant to your course and their learning.

In setting up a Canvas test bank, you can easily add, revise, or rephrase your test questions, offer random asking of questions, and determine whether and when to embed practice tests and/or quizzes—in each case, making your test bank increasingly robust, supportive of both teaching and learning.