Kristin L. Shingler

Kristin Shingler
Kristin L. Shingler
Teaching Assistant Professor of Dentistry
Director of Assessment and Curricular Integration
School of Dentistry
UMN Twin Cities

Developing & Supporting Knowledgeable GenAI Users at the School of Dentistry

Project Overview

The overall project goal is to develop and support generativeAI use at the School of Dentistry. This project will add content about GenAI to the “Guide to Success at the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry'' while building active learning experiences for students to assess the capabilities and limitations of GenAI. This will be complemented with exploration of topics that relate to academic integrity and conflict of interest in dentistry and healthcare. This project will prepare oral healthcare providers to be capable in generative AI use in career skills such as practice communication and management and clinical applications. After fine-tuning student experiences, Dr. Quick and Dr. Shingler will share advice during faculty development workshops within the School of Dentistry.