Conduct Live Online Class Sessions and Meetings

Figure representing a teacher in front of a laptop displaying icons representing students learning online with another learner with the teacher in-person

You can use Zoom, the University-supported online meeting tool, to:

  • Deliver lectures
  • Create a learning community
  • Hold office hours
  • Facilitate test preparation sessions
  • Host guest speakers 

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Create a learning community

Learn Zoom basics

Watch the Zoom tutorial video playlist. It includes:

  • Hosting a Zoom Meeting Quickly (3:14 minutes)
  • Adding Zoom to Canvas Courses (1:31 minutes)
  • Schedule Zoom Meetings in Canvas (1:21 minutes)
  • Recording a Zoom Meeting and Adding it to a Canvas Course (5:06 minutes)

Secure your Zoom meeting


See Instructor Response Plans: Unwanted Zoom Disruptions (Zoombombing) for practical tips for preventing unwanted access, and two recommended response plans in the event your class is disrupted. 


Use Auto-Transcripts 

Enhance the accessibility of online meetings by enabling Zoom’s Auto-Transcription feature for participants. This feature turns spoken words into text in real-time, increasing access to your material for people who:

  • are in a loud or public space
  • do not have access to headphones or speakers
  • are English language learners
  • benefit from hearing and reading content simultaneously

See how to:

Note: Zoom’s Live Transcripts should be used to improve accessibility, but not for accommodation. (Will add link to Disabilty Service Center pages)