Communicate With Your Students

Circle with a figure representing a teacher next to another circle with figures representing students and two arrows going back and forth to represent communication

It is important to announce your online presence and let your students know how you will communicate with them throughout the semester. University-supported tools can create an effective communication channel between you and your students.

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Set up your Canvas site for effective communication

Your Canvas profile is a visual reminder of your presence in the course. Canvas allows instructors and students to control where and when they receive notifications about Canvas activity. As you determine your communication plan, think about how notifications can support timely interactions with your students.

Share information with Canvas Announcements

Instructors can post an announcement for everyone in their Canvas course.

Use the Canvas Inbox

The Canvas Inbox (also known as Canvas Conversations) is an email tool within Canvas.

Hold virtual office hours

Zoom is the University-supported online meeting tool that supports and enables real-time conversations.

Set Up Virtual Office Hours or Meet Individually with Students

  1. Create a calendar event in Canvas.
  2. Hold Online Office Hours to provide a virtual space that any student in your course can join.