Academic Integrity Resources for Instructors

ArtificaI Intelligence (AI) / ChatGPT Resources

AI and ChatGPT have emerged as technologies that can have a significant impact on academic integrity. The following resources can help you learn more.

To Get Started

AI and ChatGPT in Teaching: Context and Strategies  (10 pages)
This comprehensive article sets out five steps for faculty to consider in making decisions about what role AI might have in their courses:

  1. Revisit or identify our assessment aims.
  2. Given these aims, consider your assessment design.
  3. Make AI work for you, not against you.
  4. Use plagiarism checker tools as an imperfect last resort.
  5. Review and revise for accessibility and equity

Creating Assignments, Guidelines, and Policies 

A shortlist for instructors using AI tools in their courses  (2 pages). 
Resources include:

  • a document focused on making AI citations (MLA, APA, Chicago),
  • a comprehensive handbook for students (from Glasgow),
  • 100+ examples of assignments (crowdsourced from Manchester springboard), and
  • a collection of syllabus statements (including two that were AI-generated, one from UMD; UMTC one in development). 

If you have questions, wish to set up a consultation as you create your own academic integrity plan, or have a resource to share, please email us a help request.

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Campus Contacts

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