Teaching Innovation Grants


Grants up to $1000 from TeachingSupport @ UMN are intended to support innovative teaching and learning at the University of Minnesota. Innovation is broadly defined and encompasses innovation in all forms, including pedagogy, content, accessibility for students with disabilities, and technology.

People from all system campuses with primary responsibility for teaching (i.e. instructor of record for the course) may submit proposals to enhance their instruction through any of the following means:

  • development of new course curricula, techniques, technologies, affordable content or materials
  • application of existing instructional methods in a novel or innovative manner or environment (these methods may be new to you, new in this way, or new to your discipline)
  • evaluation of new or existing instructional methods, materials or outcomes


This grant program is available to people from all system campuses with primary responsibility for teaching a course (i.e. instructor of record). Applicants may only receive funding once during each academic calendar year. If you have received a TIG grant during the current academic year, you are welcome to apply again starting in September, as long as you've submitted your project summary.


Maximum of $1000 for each project. Expenses could include, but are not limited to, supplies, equipment, and teaching or research assistance. Funding is not available for applicants’ salary or fringe. The funding will be available for one year following notification of the grant's award.


Proposals are accepted once a year in the Fall semester.

Next deadline: To be announced.

Applicant Information

Brief Proposal

Prepare a 500 words or less proposal (using this template) describing your proposed project. Include:

  • your goal(s) for this project,
  • a brief narrative that describes the proposed project for a reader that may not be familiar with the author's discipline or interdisciplinary perspective, including the need for the grant. Please see selection criteria below.
  • how your project would positively impact students and how you would measure success,
  • an explanation of how you intend to use the funds.

Upload your proposal using the application form.

Selection Criteria

Proposals will be reviewed by staff from TeachingSupport@UMN’s constituent units: Academic Technology Support Services, Center for Educational Innovation, Disability Resource Center and University Libraries.

Proposals will be awarded on the basis of:

  • Strength of proposal and how well it responds to the proposal requirements listed above (goals, description, impact, budget)
  • Innovativeness and creativity of the proposed project
  • Positive impact on student learning or learning experience
  • The extent to which your innovation is accessible to people with disabilities
  • Opportunity for learning from the project, either for the applicant or other instructors
  • Sustainability of the project after the funds have been used
  • Preference given for representation from all campuses

Reporting/Dissemination Requirements

Grant recipients will be asked to submit a brief summary following the project’s completion summarizing the project, its outcomes and lessons learned.

In addition, grant recipients are encouraged to disseminate their results by sharing information about their project in meaningful ways to colleagues (e.g. distribute write-up of results, share teaching resources, present at faculty meeting) and/or contributing to TeachingSupport@UMN resources (e.g. web resource or narrative, video, workshop/panel presenter).  

Available Project Support

A Teaching Support staff member will meet with grant recipients to determine what support is needed to complete the project. It is our goal to work as closely as possible with grant recipients to help them achieve their goals. Staff from Teaching Support units can be made available to support projects in the following ways:

  • Consultation about the development of project materials, content or tools
  • Project management
  • Assessment of project impact
  • Improving the accessibility of materials or methods to all students


Contact Janelle Nivens nivens@umn.edu for further information or questions.

Fall 2020 application deadline

Application deadline for the Fall 2020 Teaching Innovation Grant cycle will be announced mid to late Spring 2020.

Funded Project Examples