Faculty Showcase

Betsey WattenbergSaving Students Money and Improving Teaching and Learning

With support from expert librarians, Betsy (Elizabeth) Wattenberg created a customized Digital Course Pack (DCP) for two of her classes.  Not only does the DCP save her students money, but it also improved the teaching and learning experience for Betsy and her students.  She utilized a variety of content including chapters from ebooks already purchased by the University Libraries and government information freely available on the web.  Betsy was so thrilled with the results she hopes to repeat the process for all of her classes. 

Developing a video series to support Mike Manno and Lorraine Francis materials science laboratory experiments.

Laboratory courses often rely heavily on describing instrument operation, procedures, and safety protocols.  Though lab manuals exist, students are often not prepared to engage effectively upon entering a lab because they have not seen the equipment demonstrated. To complement the written lab manuals, Professors Manno and Francis developed lab videos that resulted in increased student readiness to engage in labs successfully.  For more information, see this video and summary.

Nate Helwig

A New Way to "Get" Your Textbook

Nate (Nathaniel Helwig) worked with the University Libraries to provide a library licensed copy of his textbook.  With one purchase, the Libraries provides unlimited access to all of his students each semester.  In addition, expert librarians introduced Nate to the wide range of additional content in our collections that now serve as both essential and supplemental materials for his class.  

Jane Wissinger

Increasing student confidence in handling lab equipment with demonstration videos

Academic Technology Support Services (ATSS) media production staff collaborated with Professor Wissinger to create 24 short technique videos and six tip videos, which were uploaded to YouTube and embedded on the class Moodle site. The videos show how to build an apparatus and explain the rationale behind building it in a particular fashion, something difficult to communicate in a diagram or still photo.

“I am thrilled with the positive impact these videos have had on the quality of instruction in my course. Students and TAs are more confident with their bench skills and can spend more time focusing on learning the theories, concepts, and the scientific process of discovery.” Full story.


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